I am a Director of Photography / Cinematographer working in a wide range of professional and artistic settings including non-fiction television, commercials, music videos, corporate image films and narrative shorts and features.

Highlights include an Emmy for Best Cinematography for a PSA promoting the arts, a Grammy nomination for Best Long Form Video for the music video, "Summer Skin" by Death Cab for Cutie, and several awards for the PBS documentary, "Opening the Door West".


In addition to my commercial and narrative endeavors I have worked extensively around the country shooting culturally sensitive documentary subjects such as race relations in southern states and health care issues of economically depressed Appalachia, as well as working on documentary productions for the BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, PBS Showtime and HBO.


I am an Active Member of the Society of Camera Operators, an international, honorary, non-profit organization whose mission it is to further the art of camera operation and blocking through workshops and professional outreach.


Cinematography is ultimately about helping to tell a story in a visually captivating way, and a top priority of mine is to exceed expectations through positive collaboration.

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